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Kawaii - the Culture of Cute in Japan
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ARGOMENTO: Kawaii - the Culture of Cute in Japan

Kawaii - the Culture of Cute in Japan 2 Settimane, 1 Giorno fa #1079872

William Shakespeare is not ‘cute’. In fact, the nike roshe two flyknit uk word ‘cute’ did not exist when the bard penned Hamlet or Othello, and it wouldn’t show up in the english language until the 1930s. But saunter down Tokyo’s famous Takeshita Street in Harajuku district, and you will be hard pressed to find another word that could sum up the bombardment of moon-faced, round-eyed, rosy-cheeked cartoon characters that lovingly invite you into cafes, clothing shops, piercing studios, and even medical stores.

‘Kawaii’ - which very loosely translates nike free rn flyknit outlet uk into ‘cute’ for english speakers - is a Japanese phenomenon that has not only captured the global imagination, but also become such a distinct part of the country’s identity, that political parties, international companies and, some times, foreign aid organisations have had to bank on it to make themselves more ‘local’ and appealing to the population.

Japan’s ex-Prime Minister Junichiro nike air max 90 ultra outlet uk Koizumi (2001-2006), who called himself ‘Lion Heart’, adopted a cartoon lion as his mascot, and Red Cross, as recently as October 2019, used a famous Japanese manga character, Uzaki-chan, to drive blood donations (although the organisation came under fire for its over-the-top sexualisation of the character.)

Still, cat mannequins dressed in sleek nike air max 95 essential sale leather jackets and dresses, clouds with fluffy, round eyes, pictures of dogs dressed as firemen to advertise telecom companies, band aids with mouse whiskers on them, and cafes where you can play with puppies, hedgehogs and owls are a few of the million ‘kawaii’ things you’ll find in Japan, although those barely begin to scratch the surface.
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